About the Rotary STOP MALARIA project

An international collaboration

The Rotary STOP MALARIA project is a collaboration between Rotary Club Midden Betuwe-Valburg, together with Rotary Club Muyenga and Rotary Club Kiwatule in Kampala, Uganda. Together they aim to have every Rotarian in each club donate at least 1 printed net for a child in Uganda. They do this in collaboration with the UK-based Malaria Consortium Foundation with African headquarters in Kampala, with the Ministry of Health of Uganda, Hewlett-Packard, Care Plus and Twiga Ventures, a company which is also based in Kampala and prints images on nets.

How does it work?

Ugandan Rotarians visit schools in the north of Uganda, where  malaria occurs abundantly, and have children select their favourite image from an image book. These will then be printed on the nets, and once donations have been received to cover a whole school, nets will be printed and delivered to the schools. In this way, school after school will be served.

It will only cost € 6,50 or US$ 7.15 per Rotarian to have a child in Uganda sleep under your net with its preferred print for a full three years. In other words, 1 printed bednet = € 6,50 or US$ 7,15)

What have we achieved to date?

In 2020 we started the campaign seriously. Together with our partner Care Plus we financed already;

printed nets