Complaints Procedure

Rotary Stop Malaria
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Rotary Stop Malaria
The Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation focusses on the execution of activities related to the eradication of malaria, around the globe.

An individual, natural person with a direct interest in the service provided. This includes the client, his/her legal representative/s, authorized persons, and descendents of a deceased client.             

A person who is directly involved with the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation.

A written expression of dissatisfaction related to the behaviour – or lack thereof – of collaborators of the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation, in as far as that such behaviour relates to the exercise of activities in relation to the said Foundation.  The complaint may refer to inappropriate unfair treatment, dissatisfaction with the payment process, the accessibility of the said Foundation a.o.

The person/s who is/are exclusively or primarily responsible for the proper functioning of the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation, in all its objectives.

Purpose of the regulations 
Providing rules for the handling of complaints by the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation.

A complaint can be submitted within a reasonable period after the complainant has become aware of the fact / facts on which the complaint is based. The right to submit a complaint is reserved to:

  1. the customer or donor;
  2. his / her legal representative
  3. his / her relatives
  4. persons authorized by the customer. 
The complainant initially submits the complaint to the employee concerned. If the complaint persists, the complainant has the option to address the complaint in writing to the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation. At the complainant’s request, the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation offers support in formulating the complaint.

The complaint contains at least the name of the complainant, his address, the date and a description of the behavior against which the complaint is directed. The complaint must be signed. The Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation sends a confirmation of receipt of the complaint within one week, which also contains information about the manner in which the complaint will be dealt with. The board then searches for a solution together with the complainant.

The complaint will be processed within 6 weeks of receipt. If that is not the case, the complainant will be informed in a timely manner. To complete the complaint, the complainant will receive a letter confirming the handling of your complaint. The complainant can withdraw the complaint at any time during the procedure. This is also done in writing with the board of the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation.

In case the complainant does not agree with the decision of the board, he can submit his complaint to the Municipal Ombudsman within 6 weeks of being sent. The municipal Ombudsman investigates the complaint and makes a reasoned decision within a reasonable period of time. Recommendations to the board can be part of the ruling. A copy of the decision is sent to the board of the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation and to the complainant.

All persons involved are required to maintain the confidentiality of data and / or other information that comes to their knowledge when handling the complaint.

Publication of these regulations
This Complaints Code is available for digital inspection through the Rotary Stop Malaria Foundation.